Egytian citizens liberated from Khamis Qaddafi brigade in Libya

Ahram Online , Wednesday 10 Oct 2012

The Egyptian embassy in Tripoli is working on evacuating all Egyptians from Bani Walid area to avoid clashes

Bani Walid
Bani Walid in October 2011 (Photo:Reuters)

18 Egyptian citizens detained for several days at least by anti-government Khamis El Qaddafi brigade that follows Bani Walid militias have been released by Libyan armed forces Wednesday, says the Egyptian embassy that is monitoring the case inTripoli.

The embassy has received a notification from Libyan authorities that armed forces discovered the detained Egyptians when they were combing the area between Al Mardoum valley and the city of Bani Walid in western Libya that has been witnessing clashes between various armed tribes.

The released Egyptians were transfered after their release to Misrata.

It is expected that these Egyptians will be visited on Wednesday by representative from the Egyptian embassy in order to check their conditions and to facilitate their return home.

Meanwhile, the ministry of foreign affairs in Egypt announced on Sunday that over 1000 Egyptians were stuck stranded in the troubled area between Al Mardoum valley and the city of Bani Walid.

The Egyptian embassy in Tripoli was working with the Libyan authorities in to evacuate Egyptians from the area and to ensure of their safety.

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