Egyptian protesters start descent on Tahrir for 'revolution demands'

Ahram Online , Thursday 11 Oct 2012

Propelled by anger at acquittals in Battle of Camel case, demonstrators head to revolution square to protest Morsi 'unfulfilled' promises on Friday

A Snap shot of Tahrir square now
A Snap shot of Tahrir square now

Hundreds of protesters have already made their way to Tahrir Square ahead of a mass demonstration planned for Friday.

More than 21 political groups and movements have called for "Accountability Friday" to protest what they see as President Mohamed Morsi's failure to fulfill his promises to meet revolution demands of democracy and social justice.

Protesters will vent anger at a constituent assembly drafting the country's constitution which they deem un-representative.

Protesters at the square are calling for the retrial of all those responsible for killing peacuful protesters since the outset of the January 25 revolution.

Turnout might be heavy as many Egyptians were incensed by a  Cairo Criminal Court decision on Wednesday aquitting prominent Mubarak-era officials and associates of charges accusing them of orchestrating the famous Battle of the Camel which left 21 killed and hundreds injured on 2 February, 2011.

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