Revolutionary 'Khaled Said' page blasts Brotherhood version of Tahrir clashes

Ahram Online, Saturday 13 Oct 2012

Freedom and Justice Party newspaper blames Mubarak-era State Security for Tahrir clashes, but "We are All Khaled Said" questions claim given former officers are now under Morsi control

Headline: "The people arrest """state security personnel" in Tahrir clashes"(Photo: Snapshot of FJP paper front page on Saturday)

The "We are All Khaled Said" Facebook page slams on Saturday the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party's newspaper coverage of Friday's clashes.

FJP's articles published on Saturday claims that demonstrators had captured members of the dismantled State Security forces who had infiltrated the protests to stir trouble, dubbing them "a third party", in reference to euphemism used the former military council to explain death of revolutionaries at anti-military protests after the January 25 uprsing revolution.

The admin of the "We ar All Khaled Said" page retorted that if any such infiltration took place then the president must be held responsible because the personnel of the state security (who were reassigned in the spring of 2011 to a new National Security Force) is under his control.  

"Why didn’t the president restructure and purge these security institutions?" asked the admin.

"Having the ruling party blame security institutions that fall under the rule of the president, who is also from the ruling party, is incomprehensible and requires explanation."

Protesters and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s President Mohamed Morsi fought for hours in Tahrir Square and its surrounding streets in Friday's anti-Morsi demonstrations dubbed "Accountability Friday."

Pro-revolution critics accused the Muslim Brotherhood of organising these demonstrations to overshadow other parties' demonstrations, which were to mark what some see as the failure of Morsi to meet revolution demands for democracy and social justice.

They also charged that the clashes on Friday were initially triggered when Morsi supporters destroyed a platform set up by the protesters who criticised the president.

More than one hundred demonstrators were injured throughout the clashes, according to hospital estimates.

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