Notorious attorney launches attack on Morsi and his 'Qatari agent'

Ahram Online , Sunday 14 Oct 2012

Acquitted 'Battle of the Camel' defendant and infamous lawyer Mortada Mansour calls Morsi's attempt to remove prosecutor general Mahmoud from his post 'bullying'; launches attack on presidential advisor

Mortada Mansour

Notorious lawyer and one of the public figures recently acquitted on charges of involvement in the Battle of the Camel trial Mortada Mansour charged that the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsi tarnished the country's prestige by trying to relieve Prosecutor General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud of his post.

Speaking on the 10 pm programme on the private television channel Dream TV late Saturday, Mansour argued that trying to forcefully dismiss the prosecutor general is a form of "political bullying - because Abdel-Meguid does not work for you," directing his statement at Morsi.

Following the acquittals of 25 defendants in the case of the Battle of the Camels that occurred on 2 February 2011, President Morsi announced on Thursday that Mahmoud would be relieved of his post and would be assigned as ambassador to the Vatican.

This move was seen as a way to subdue growing fury over the large-scale acquittals; a number of whom were senior officials from the former president, Hosni Mubarak's regime.

This move was criticised and seen as employing extra-presidential authorities, considering the judiciary should be an independent body.

On Saturday however, Morsi backtracked from his position and announced that the prosecutor general would remain in his post.

Continuing his attack on the executive, Mansour noted, "I commend you for backtracking on your initial decision, but I warn you to keep the Qatari agents clear from the presidential institution; namely Seif Abdel-Fattah."

The attorney alluded to the perception that Qatar is buying influence with their petrodollars and linked Presidential Advisor Abdel-Fattah to these efforts, considering Abdel-Fattah had taught at a Qatari university and regularly appeared on Qatari-owned Al-Jazeera news service during the revolution as a regular guest and political analyst.

Mansour claims that Abdel-Fattah influenced Morsi to try to remove the prosecutor general.

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