Employees at Ministry of Education on strike

Farah Montasser, Monday 14 Feb 2011

A number of employees at the Ministry of Education in 6th October city, Cairo, demand the resignation of their director and an increase in wages

Employees of Ministry of Education protest

Workers at the Ministry of Education at 6th October district protested today, demanding the resignation of Naseeba Abdel Moneim Al Sayed, the director of the Ministry of Education.

Her office director Ahmed Abdel Megeed shouted, “Neseeba must resign. We need higher wages and she uses the annual budget for her own leisure.”

According to Abdel Megeed, Naseeba Abdel Moneim Al Sayed has used over LE103,000 to furnish her own flat, in addition to the overspending on her personal transportation. “She spends over LE100,000 from our money and I can get all the necessary documents to prove it,” he insists.

He also alleges that Al Sayed demands that parents donate money with admission documents. "Parents are not given receipts and Al-Sayed takes these donations and pockets the money,” he claims.

Khaled Abdel Moneim, the director of the private education sector at the ministry, says, “I was fired for no obvious reason after over 15 years of serving the ministry. Al-Sayed has refused to pay us this month’s bonus as ordered by the Minister of Education Dr Hany Belal, claiming that there is not enough money left in the budget.”

Among the protestors were 30 employees who have worked without contracts at the ministry. Eglal Mahmoud Megawer says, “I have been working at the ministry for 15 years now and I still don't have a contract or any benefits.”

The protestors affirm that Al-Sayed has hired additional employees. including teachers, with higher salaries and more benefits. One of the protestors says, “I have been living on LE 500 a month with four children.”

Kholoud Abdallah, a student at the Experimental secondary vocational school at Sheikh Zayed, First District, says, “We have no books, no computers and we require these for study. My colleagues and I have sent petitions about the matter on several occasions .”

Wafaa El Hawit, another employee states, “We are on a strike and won’t leave until she leaves.”

This is only one of the massive protests in both the public and private sectors in Egypt, demanding reform and calling for the resignation of the head of the organisation.

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