Bus accident in Egypt injures 55 children

MENA, Saturday 20 Oct 2012

A bus flipped and ended up partially in a stream, leaving 3 in critical condition and 55 others injured

Aftermath of bus crash that killed 8 US tourists December 2010 near Abu Simbel, Aswan (Photo: Reuters)

Fifty-five children are injured with three left in critical condition when their school bus flipped into a stream on Saturday.

Children of Al-Amal nursery in Kafr El-Manazla village were on their way to enjoy a field trip in the Mediterranean port city of Damietta when the bus driver lost control over the wheels and half of the bus ended up in a stream.

Three of the children are reportedly in critical condition; all children were brought to Kafr Saad hospital for treatment except for Ibrahim El-Ish, who was sent to El-Mansoura emergency hospital due to serious injuries. Usually there are no seat belts on Egyptian buses.

According to a report published in July 2011 by the Central Authority for Public Transport, road and rail accidents claimed over 7,000 lives in Egypt in 2010 - a rise of 7.9 per cent over the previous year.

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