Egypt's VP meets young activists

Ahram Online, Wednesday 24 Oct 2012

Vice President Mahmoud Mekki discusses fallout from 'Accountability Friday' clashes, Constituent Assembly and other issues with young political activists

Vice President Mahmoud Mekki met with youth activists on Monday to discuss growing political tensions in the country following the 'Accountability Friday' clashes in Cairo on 12 October.

Members of the Egyptian Popular Current published a statement on Tuesday detailing the content of the seven-hour meeting.

Mekki reportedly admitted that the presidency had failed to react rapidly to the 12 October clashes, which took place between opponents and supporters of President Morsi, because he was occupied with the prosecutor-general crisis.

Mekki added that one of the priorities of the coming parliament was to legalise all groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Moreover, committees would be introduced to monitor all institutes and entities, including the armed forces, Muslim Brotherhood and the presidency.

On the recently announced law to "protect the gains of the revolution," Mekki denied it had been finalised, inviting all national forces to collaborate in the drafting process.

Mekki further promised that the Constituent Assembly would not be reformed if it was dissolved by a court ruling except after negotiations and dialogue among all national forces.

On the new parliamentary elections law, Mekki stated that no law would be drafted until the electoral system was defined by the new constitution.

During the meeting the vice president promised Egypt "will not witness any military trials of civilians again."

The youth condemned Morsi's letter to Israeli President Shimon Peres, in addition to asking him to reconsider Egypt's Mubarak-era policies towards the self-proclaimed Jewish state.

They further tackled issues relating to human rights, police torture, and the implementation of Morsi's pardon of political prisoners.

Vital issues also on the agenda included the doctor's strike, the Nile University crisis, cases of "offending" religion, the students' charter, peasants, disabled people, and cases of Egyptians detained abroad, particularly in Saudi Arabia.

The meeting was attended by representative of the Egyptian Popular CurrentConstitution PartySocialist Popular AllianceEgyptian Social Democratic PartyFree Egyptians PartyStrong Egypt Party, Youth for Justice and Freedom movement, Free Egyptians movement, Free Front for Peaceful Change, and the Free Egypt's youth union.

President Mohamed Morsi is scheduled to meet with representatives of political parties, national leaders and revolutionary youth forces on Wednesday.

The meeting was arranged by members of the Free Front for Peaceful Change and the Free Egypt's Youth Union.

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