Military worried about Brotherhood, youth want 9 months before elections

Ahmed Eleiba , Tuesday 15 Feb 2011

Yesterday's meeting between youth representatives and the armed forces council, the military expressed concern over the Muslim Brotherhood, and the youth said they wanted at least 9 months before elections

In the course of the meeting, says Samir, the military expressed their concern over the possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood collecting the lion's share of seats in forthcoming parliamentary elections.

They went on to explain that in accordance with the timetable now in place, the Constitutional Declaration, which the military council had charged a specially formed committee to formulate, may be finalized within 10 days, put to a referendum within two months, and holding parliamentary elections within four months.

The coalition representatives, who included Google marketing manager, Wael Ghoneim, says Samir, told the military that their coalition, which includes the youth movement of the Muslim Brotherhood, does not want elections before 9 months up to one year, in accordance with a new timetable, which coalition members are currently studying. The coalition representatives agreed that elections should be held in competitive climate that provides an even playing field to all participants.

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