Professionals coalition requests dialogue with military

Ekram Ibrahim , Tuesday 15 Feb 2011

A group of professionals, intellectuals and university professors that have formed a coalition supporting the demands of the Egyptian revolution

A coalition of professionals, intellectuals, university professors and rights activists announced in a press conference today their support for the Egyptian revolution and asked the military for "an open dialogue to reach a civil democratic country."

"An open dialogue includes protests as well as conversations, not just talks," said Hani el-Husseini, a member of the professional coalition and head of the 9 March movement for independence of universities.

The coalition calls on the military to draft a new constitution by a constituent assembly and form a presidential council comprised of civilian as well as military members, to be monitored revolution representatives during the transition phase.

"The military should work with the civilians to ensure achieve the revolutionists' demands, as the army had promised and guaranteed," said el-Husseini.

The coalition is also against keeping any of the figures of Mubarak's regime in power. They call for the immediate cancelation of the emergency law, freeing all political detainees, forming an elected coalition government and sending Mubarak and corrupt figures of his regime to immediate trail.

"It is not appropriate to keep any of the figures of the old regime," said Ahmed Saif el-Islam, a human rights lawyer and co-founder of the Hisham Mubarak Law Center.

Moreover, the professional coalition announced during its press conference that they do not approve that the Interior Minster be from the executive branch of government, but should be from the judiciary. "This is a place where torture took place," said el-Husseini, referring to the ministry, "accordingly, its head should not be a police figure."

The "Professionals Coalition", as it has now come to be known, includes several groups, such as the Doctors without Rights movement, the Independent Teachers' Syndicate, University Staff for Reform,  9 March movement for Independence of Universities, Teachers without a Syndicate, Engineers without Guard and the Coalition of Independent Culture Institutions, in addition to some independent figures.

"We are seeking to reach the military for our voices be heard," el-Husseini told Ahram Online.

The coalition is planning to work towards enlisting 8 million members.

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