Denmark, Sweden ease Egypt travel recommendations

AFP, Tuesday 15 Feb 2011

Denmark and Sweden say its now safe to visit the Red Sea

The Danish foreign ministry on Tuesday eased its recommendations for travel to Egypt, telling its citizens it was safe to visit the tourist resorts along the Red Sea.

The ministry however maintained its advice to avoid all non-essential travel to the rest Egypt, it said on its website.

Danish tour operators Atlantis Rejser and Apollo, which in late January cancelled all their trips to Egypt in coming months, said Tuesday they had decided to start sending tourists to Egypt in March and April respectively.

Competitor Star Tour, which sends between 15,000 and 16,000 Danes to Egypt annually, said it did not plan to reverse its decision to cancel all trips to Egypt until the beginning of May, deeming the situation in the country had not yet returned to normal.

Tourists fled Egypt amid recommendations to avoid the country last month during mass civilian protests which succeeded in driving out President Hosni Mubarak last Friday.

Sweden, who on January 30 advised its citizens against all non-necessary travel to Egypt, said Monday it was safe to visit Red Sea resorts.

But Swedish tour operators Apollo and Ving said Tuesday that despite the foreign ministry's new travel recommendations, all of their winter trips to Egypt would remained cancelled.

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