A marathon of Egyptian flags by the sea celebrates revolution

Mai Heikal, Wednesday 16 Feb 2011

In celebration of the 25 January revolution, Tuesday 15 February marked a day of festivity all over Alexandria

Alex celebrates
photo by Mai Heikal

More than 200 young people dressed in all three colours of the Egyptian flag, chanted their hearts out as they gathered and headed to Gleem,

 "A civilised celebration: A marathon of Egyptian flags by the sea" was an idea initiated by the Alex Face Youth group,  one of the largest and most popular groups on Facebook in Alexandria and well-known for some months now for organising a weekly marathon every Friday morning on the corniche.

The participants were requested to dress in the colours of the Egyptian flag; red, white and black and there were two starting points, on the corniche at Elshatby and El Montaza heading to Gleem.

The young people filled the air with patriotic songs as the coastal beauty of Alexandria maintained its sunny sky, warm breezes and calm sea. The marchers were joined by cyclists, and cars that honked and provided the crowd with water.

The end point in Gleem was at a wide inlet into the sea. A huge flag carried by the participants extended to cover over half the area.  By then the people had divided themselves into groups according to the colours of their clothes to form the Egyptian flag on the beach. They all stood for a minute of silence to remember the 'Martyrs of the Egyptian Revolution'.
At the end of this wonderful celebration, Egypt's reconstruction campaign distributed papers advising all Egyptians who love their country to be positive and help with the rebuilding of the nation.

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