Brotherhood leader called for testimony in Mubarak-era thug trial

Ahram Online, Sunday 4 Nov 2012

The defence of Sabry Nakhnoukh, a notorious Mubarak-era thug, has called Mohamed El-Beltagy for questioning

Mubarak's era thug Sabry Nakhnoukh and Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed El-Beltagy

An Alexandria court adjourned on Saturday the case of infamous thug Sabry Nakhnoukh to 7 November, with the defence calling for leading Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed El-Beltagy to be questioned.

The popular Mubarak-era thug, who has admitted facilitating large-scale vote rigging in favour of the now-defunct National Democratic Party, was arrested in August at his villa near Alexandria on charges of "thuggery," unlicensed possession of weapons, drugs possession and involvement in prostitution.

Nakhnoukh has accused El-Beltagy of being behind the charges facing him, and of orchestrating his arrest due to “his opposition to Brotherhood rule in Egypt.”

According to Nakhnoukh’s lawyer, Gamal Sweid, El-Beltagy accused his client during a TV show on satellite channel Al-Nahar of being involved in attacking peaceful protesters during the January 25 Revolution.

During the trial Sweid further added that Nakhnoukh's arrest had no justification but was ordered directly by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, with the aim "to get rid of all its opposition."

An inspection of the Nakhnoukh arrest scene will be carried out again 6 November, based on a request of the defence.

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