Cabinet protesters excluded from president's prisoner amnesty

Ahram Online, Monday 5 Nov 2012

Prosecutor-general's list of political detainees to be released on orders of President Morsi does not appear to include 269 prisoners charged with involvement in last year's cabinet clashes

Egyptian Prosecutor-General Abdel-Maguid Mahmoud on Monday finalised the list of political detainees to be given amnesties on orders of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, according to a spokesman for the prosecutor-general's office.

The list includes those arrested in protests since the outset of last year's Tahrir Square uprising until June of this year. The list, however, does not include 269 protesters who still face charges of vandalising Cairo's Scientific Institute (located next to Cabinet headquarters in downtown Cairo) and assaulting military and police personnel during clashes that took place in the capital last December.

On 9 October, the hundredth day of his presidency, Morsi issued a blanket pardon for all citizens arrested during protests held since the start of the uprising until 30 June of this year. The pardon included those who currently face trial, as well as those already serving jail time.

Morsi had said that the list of those pardoned would be issued by the prosecutor-general within one month of the announcement.

The names on the prosecutor-general's list, however, have yet to be released.

Shortly after assuming the presidency in late June, Morsi drew up a fact-finding committee to review the cases of thousands of protesters arrested in recent demonstrations, many of whom have since been hauled before military tribunals.

Morsi's 9 October presidential decree was issued after 18 months of continued campaigning by rights groups demanding that the Egyptian government release all political prisoners.

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