Kafr El-Sheikh activists call for protest against governor after dog attack

Ahram Online , Tuesday 6 Nov 2012

Kafr El-Sheikh political groups condemn canine attacks against protesters; Revolution's Youth Union calls for dismissal of Muslim Brotherhood governor Saad El-Husseini

Saad El-Husseini
Muslim Brotherhood governor Saad El-Husseini

Political groups in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate strongly condemn the military police decision to release their dogs on a protest organised by the Popular Current movement outside the Nile Delta governorate headquarters Sunday night.

The Revolution's Youth Union called for a protest to be held Wednesday at governorate headquarters to demand the dismissal of Muslim Brotherhood governor Saad El-Husseini, whom the group blames for the dog attacks.

Three protesters were injured, with one of them hospitalised due to the attack.

El-Husseini denounced the incident on Monday, saying that "these things are not supposed to happen and I assure Kafr El-Sheikh I value the residents," on his Facebook page.

The youth group demanded the Security Chief General Salah Okasha be sacked and for an immediate launch of an investigation into who gave the order to release the dogs.

The group also called for investigating a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, Mohamed Ibrahim Amer, for allegedly assaulting a protester during the demonstration.

Constitution Party members in Kafr El-Sheikh's city of Baltim – where the attack took place – also issued a statement Tuesday condemning the military police's action.

The statement reads that they regard the incident as an indicator of the return of repressive measures which were thought to have ended after the uprising. They further reminded the reader that freedom and dignity of Egyptian citizens tops the revolution's demands.

"It has become clear that the new regime is undoubtedly more vicious than the former one and that would've been ashamed to do what the Muslim Brotherhood governor Saad El-Husseini has done," the statement continued.

The incident started during a celebration of a national holiday in Kafr El-Sheikh, when Egyptian Popular Current members decided to organise a demonstration against what they dubbed the "Brotherhoodisation" of their governorate after El-Hussieny decided to hire five members of the Islamist group in administrative posts.

In response, members of the Brotherhood went to the government building to confront the crowd, as reported by privately-owned ONTV.

Protesters, including local fishermen, chanted against President Mohamed Morsi and the control the Brotherhood has over the state, which resulted in heated verbal exchanges.

With police unable to control the rival groups when fights broke out, military police appeared on the scene and set the dogs on the crowd.

Army spokesman Ahmed Mohamed Ali, for his part, denied that any military personnel – including military police – had played any role in dispersing the protesters.

Expressing the military establishment's "sorrow" over the incident, Ali asserted that neither the military police nor the border guards stationed at Baltim had police dogs attached to their units.

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