Egyptians to protest in solidarity with Algeria, Bahrain, Yemen and Iran

Ahram Online, Wednesday 16 Feb 2011

Tomorrow, Egyptians will support the Algerian, Yemeni, Bahraini and other Arab world revolutions in front of their embassies

On facebook, some Egyptians have called for protests in support of the several Arab countries revolutions tomorrow, Thursday. Demonstrators will meet at 2 pm in front of the Algerian Embassy in Ismail Mohammed Street to show their support  to the Algerian revolution, then they will walk to the Barhaini and Libyan embassies also in the neighbourhood of Zamalek also in solidarity with fellow revolutionaries. Then they will move to Dokki in Mesaha square where they will protest in front of the Yemeni, Jordanian and Iranian Embassies to support the peoples right to choose their president and call for an end to authroitarian regimes, and to call for a new democratic era.!/note.php?note_id=10150390406000051&id=564797712

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