6 April March to British Embassy over doctor's case

Zeinab El Gundy , Friday 9 Nov 2012

The 6 April Youth Movement marches to British Embassy to demand the re-opening of the Karim Assad case

The 6 April Youth Movement (Ahmed Maher Front) led a march on Thursday afternoon from Tahrir Square to the British Embassy in Garden City to commemorate the first anniversary of Dr Karim Assad's death under enigmatic circumstances in London.

Assad, an Egyptian doctor, had died in London in October 2011; his family believe he was killed after his breakthrough research in the use of anesthesia in surgery. According to the British authorities' official autopsy, Assad died of natural causes; yet, back in Cairo, the family have insisted that he was killed and the autopsy meddled with. 

Following Assad's death, a popular campaign was launched in the media  demanding that the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should back up the family's demand to re-investigate his the physician's sudden death.

Together with no less than 17 political movements including the Egyptian Popular Current of Alexandria and the Mina Daniel Movement, the 6 April Youth Movement (Ahmed Maher Front) decided to participate in the march, organised by the "We are all Karim Assad" Facebook group. 

The march included a data show with a short documentary about the late doctor screened outside the British Embassy. 

Most of the protesters' chants in the march were directed against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which continues to neglect the rights of Egyptian citizens abroad.

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