Egyptian activists protest Israel attacks on Gaza Monday

Ahram Online, Monday 12 Nov 2012

Egyptian liberal and leftist groups are planning a demonstration Monday to protest recent Israeli raids on Gaza, and the Egyptian government's response

Trails of smoke are seen after the launch of rockets from the northern Gaza strip towards Israel on Sunday (Photo: Reuters)

Ten political parties and movements are calling for a demonstration in solidarity with Gaza to take place on Monday, in protest at recent Israeli attacks that have left six Palestinians dead and 32 injured.

The demonstration will take place at 7pm in Talaat Harb Square in central Cairo.

The statement calling for the demonstration also demanded that President Mohamed Morsi immediately expel the Israeli ambassador to Egypt.

The statement argued that the attacks in Gaza over the weekend cannot be understood separately from current events in Egypt's Sinai peninsula. The statement accuses Israeli intelligence of involvement in the current security problems in Sinai, adding that the Egyptian government are also to blame for its "bad management" of the situation.

"We reject the situation whereby after a revolution, the government can continue to hide its deals with Israel and instead continue to blame the Palestinians for deteriorating security in Sinai," the statement read, further blaming the lack of Egyptian opposition to events in Palestine on the new regime and its "lies", and demanding that the Camp David peace treaty with Israel is made public "for citizens to know its catastrophic effect" on Egypt. 

The statement was signed by a number of political organisations, including the Egyptian Popular Current, the National Front for Justice and Democracy, the Revolutionary Socialists, the Popular Committees for the Protection of the Revolution, the Alliance of Revolutionary Forces, the National Assembly for Change, the Free Egyptian movement, the Free Egyptians Party, the Free Front for Peaceful Change, and the Kefaya movement.

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