ElBaradei slams church violence

Yasmine Fathi , Thursday 25 Nov 2010

Former IAEA director ElBaradei releases a statement condemning the clashes at the Omrania church in Giza

Former International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director Mohamed ElBaradei has released a statement condemning the clashes that occured between riot police and hundreds of Christians at the Omrania Church in Giza on Wednesday.

ElBaradei used the social networking site Twitter to condemn the attack, which he said was a result of a society that is falling apart.

"[The] violence at Omrania is symptomatic of a society coming apart at the seams. Change is a must," ElBaradei posted on Twitter.

One hour earlier ElBaradei had released a statement on the site in Arabic in which he said that the event was a national shame and that freedom of faith should be a right for everyone and that Egypt belongs to both Christians and Muslims.

The clashes erupted in response to Egyptian authorities halting reconstruction on the church.

The clashes left one dead and dozens injured.  



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