Egypt constitution-drafting process hurtles towards deadlock

Ahram Online, Sunday 18 Nov 2012

As Egypt's Christians and pro-democracy forces declare opposition to Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Constituent Assembly, the constitution-drafting process heads to a dead end. Below, a review of the main protagonists' positions

Egypt's Constitution assembly (Photo: Al-Ahram)

The writing of Egypt's new national charter has been filled with controversy. As the final draft is being finalised, the Constituent Assembly continues to suffer withdrawals amidst huge disagreements amongst its members.

While assembly members struggle to contain cracks, a High Constitutional Court verdict still threatens to dissolve the constitution drafting body. Meanwhile, political parties, of which many have either withdrawn or were never represented in the constitution drafting body, remain largely split over the most recent draft announced in late October and as well as the stance on the composition of the Constituent Assembly itself.

Egyptian Popular Current:  Seeking a more representative Constituent Assembly

While Hamdeen Sabbahi's Egyptian Popular Current has major reservations about the draft constitution, its primary focus is reforming Egypt's Constituent Assembly tasked with drafting new national charter. 

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Hamdeen Sabahi
Hamdeen Sabahi during the launch of Popular Current on 22 September 2012.(Photo: Mai Shaheen

The Nour Party: The Salafist view of Egypt's draft constitution

Egypt's leading Salafist party voices reservations about draft constitution, but is ready to compromise on certain articles given tight deadline for charter's completion

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Nour Party
Egyptian women walk past a banner and poster in Arabic that both read, "Nour Party," on the first day of parliamentary elections (Photo: AP)

The Strong Egypt Party: Centralisation, presidential powers, worry newcomers to the scene

Democratic Islamist Abul-Fotouh's new party has joined the chorus of opposition to the draft constitution, voicing concerns about lack of socio-economic rights and provisions against torture

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Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh
Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh (Photo: Reuters

Egypt's Constitution Party: Draft charter short on rights, equality

Mohamed ElBaradei's new Constitution Party says Constituent Assembly's draft national charter is weaker on rights, freedoms than previous 1971 constitution

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Mohamed El Baradei
The Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed El Baradei, center, surrounded by his supporters upon his arrival to the journalists syndicate for holding a presser to launch his new Constitution political party in Cairo (Photo: AP)

Socialist Popular Alliance: Drops out of Egypt's Constituent Assembly

The Socialist Popular Alliance Party offers detailed alternatives to Egypt's non-inclusive and 'oppressive' draft consitution

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Socialist Popular Alliance
Socialist Popular Alliance

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