Progressive revolutionary youth form union

Ahram Online, Thursday 17 Feb 2011

January 25 activists have formed a new union to spread 'revolutionary values' among which are social justice and respect for human rights


January 25 revolutionaries have banded together to form the Union of Progressive Revolutionary Youth and have subsequently released a charter with the values they believe the country needs in order to move forward after the revolution.

In the statement, the union said that Egyptians of all ages, social statuses and factions have participated in the revolution. They pointed out that while the revolution was successful, the “regime that we fought to bring down was created across decades and it takes more than toppling the president to break it apart and requires the reconstruction of all parts of our life: be they social, political or economic.”

The statement also included a list of six “revolutionary values,” that the union believes are imperative to future success. These values include the creation of a civil state where there is equality between the citizens regardless of religion, skin color or ethnicity; that there is an increase in democratic practice, an increase in the role of the people in creating the nation’s policies, social justice and respect for all human right values – specifically the right of expression and national sovereignty.

The union had held a meeting in which they decided to create a monitoring bloc to ensure that the six stated values are implemented. They also decided that cooperation between all the factions that participated in the revolution is vital.

The group plans to increase awareness of democratic values among the citizens, especially the youth and to launch several initiatives to coordinate revolutionary work planned by the union.

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