We are committed to self-control vs protesters, Egypt Interior Minister claims

Ahram Online, Wednesday 21 Nov 2012

While the interior minister talks of 'maximum self-control', 6 April Movement activists say one of their members was shot and killed in fresh Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes this week

Minister of Interior General Ahmed Gamal El-Din said Wednesday in a press conference at the Cabinet Office, aired on Egyptian television, that "we stood back from Tahrir Square, and we were committed to self-control, and with God's will, cooperation with honourables, and enlightened media, we will succeed in our mission."

He added: "Egypt belongs to all of us and we should all protect it, not only the Ministry of Interior."

During a demonstration commemorating the Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes of last year, which left 47 dead and hundreds injured, clashes between police and protesters began Monday afternoon.

The April 6 Youth Movement has said that Gaber Salah, known as Jica, and a member of the movement, died after suffering severe "gunshot" wounds to the head and neck. The movement blamed his death on continuing police violence.

However, according to the Ministry of Health, the activist is still alive, but in a coma.

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