Egyptian leftist leader accuses Brotherhood 'thugs' of assault

Ahram Online, Saturday 24 Nov 2012

Former presidential candidate El-Hariri says thugs from the Brotherhood's political arm attacked him and his wife in Alexandria Friday in front of party offices

Leftist political Abol-Ezz El-Hariri injured in his face after being attacked by a group of unknown assailants whom he accused of being hired by the Muslim Brotherhood (Photo: Ahram)

The head of the Socialist Popular Alliance party and former presidential candidate, Abul-Ezz El-Hariri accuses the Muslim Brotherhood's political arm of hiring thugs to physically assault him and his wife in Alexandria, Egypt.

El-Hariri detailed to Ahram Arabic news portal Saturday that the attack took place in front of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) offices in the Smouha neighbourhood, where he was supposed to meet with the Alexandria security director to get a status on a group of protesters who were arrested earlier in the day.

"They [the thugs] attacked my wife and I with swords and clubs, injuring us on the head and chest. They also smashed our car," El-Hariri continued.

Earlier that day, mass protests had erupted across the country in opposition to a decree issued Thursday by President Morsi. Leftist forces across the country charge that the president awarded himself dictatorial powers since the new rules stipulate that no presidential decision taken since 30 June - when he assumed office - can be appealed.

Pro-Morsi supporters came out to counterbalance the anti-Morsi protests and soon enough clashes ensued.

Amid anti-Brotherhood protests in Alexandria Friday, a group of protesters stormed and vandalised two FJP offices in the districts of El-Ibrahimiya and Mahatet El-Raml (the centre). Later in the day a number of protesters were reportedly arrested in relation to the attacks.

The declaration also angered many Egyptians since it shields the Islamist-dominated Constituent Assembly and Shura Council (upper house of parliament) from judicial review.

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