Brotherhood organises mass rallies to support Morsi decree Sunday

Ahram Online, Sunday 25 Nov 2012

Islamists back Morsi’s constitutional decisions in Upper Egypt's Assiut, the Delta's Kafr Al-Sheikh governorate, and in Alexandria

Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist supporters took to the streets of Kafr Al-Sheikh governorate on Sunday evening to support President Mohamed Morsi's controversial decree.

The roughly 30,000 demonstrators organised a human chain and held placards to back Morsi’s constitutional declaration, which shields his decisions from legal challengers and protects the Islamist-dominated constituent assembly from dissolution.

An estimated number of 5,000 children and women had also participated in the rally.

Meanwhile, Salafist figures and ex-parliamentarians of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice (FJP) party marched in Assiut, upper Egypt, with thousands of their supporters to express solidarity with Morsi's decree.

"No to feloul,” the protesters chanted, uttering an Egyptian political slang used to refer to remnants of the Hosni Mubarak regime.

Meanwhile, thousands of Brotherhood supporters also took to the streets to back president Morsi.

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