Head of Shura Council denies criticising Morsi's decree

Ahram Online, Monday 26 Nov 2012

Egypt's Head of the Shura Council, Ahmed Fahmi, backs President Mohamed Morsi's constitutional declaration as 'needed and justified'

MP Ahmed Fahmy (Photo: Ikhwan Online)

Ahmed Fahmi, leading member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and chairman of the Islamist-lead Shura Council, denied on Monday to have criticised Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's recently issued decree.

Fahmi also accused the media of falsely quoting him.

Earlier on Sunday, it was claimed that Fahmi accused the president's constitutional declaration of causing a division among the nation.

Fahmi asserted that he along with the Shura Council consider what the president has done as "needed and justified" in the face of counter-revolution attempts.

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