Brotherhood to defiantly hold pro-Morsi demos in Tahrir Saturday

Ahram Online, Wednesday 28 Nov 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood join other Islamist factions in organising mass protests to support president Mohamed Morsi in Tahrir on Saturday despite presence of anti-Morsi campers in the Square

Muslim Brotherhood to hold pro-Morsi demonstrations in Tahrir
Tahrir Thousands at Tahrir to demand implementation of Islamic Sharia law 9 Nov, 2012 (Photo: Mai Shaheen)

The Muslim Brotherhood said that it would hold demonstrations in the iconic Tahrir square on Saturday to support president Mohamed Morsi’s controversial decree.

The controversial announcement ignites worries over possible confrontations in the square which is occupied by anti-Morsi protesters, who have camped out in the square since Friday.

Earlier on Wednesday, Salafist El-Nour Party also said it would participate in Saturday’s demonstrations in Tahrir.

Political parties and powers against the constitutional declaration issued by President Morsi last Thursday are holding an open-ended sit-in in Tahrir Square until the president annuls it. They are planning for mass protests in Tahrir Friday.

On Tuesday, the Freedom and Justice Party, along with other Islamist parties, decided to postpone demonstrations they planned in solidarity with Morsi in Nahdat Misr Square in Giza to avoid clashes.

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