Protesters presence outside courts is not 'acceptable': HCC judicial source

Ahram Online, Sunday 2 Dec 2012

The source claims that the security provided to HCC by the interior ministry is not enough to conduct business since protesters 'threaten and pressure' judges from outside the premises

Protesters presence outside courts is not acceptable
A supporter of Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi gestures during a rally in front of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Maadi, south of Cairo, December 2, 2012 (Photo: Reuters)

A high ranking judicial source in the High Constitutional Court (HCC) stated on Sunday evening to Ahram Arabic news website that "it is not possible whatsoever to conduct sessions in light of protesters gathering infront of the court even if the interior ministry provides security for judges entering the premises."

"How can judges operate under pressure when there are chants outside the court that threatens them and disrespects them?"

This statement came after a Ministry of Interior statement confirmed that it secured the court and Judges were not stopped by protesters from entering the premises.

The HCC declared on Sunday morning  it will freeze all its sessions indefinitely in protest of pressure exerted upon it by supporters of President Mohamed Morsi who gathered outside the court building earlier the same day.

Hundreds of pro-Morsi demonstrators gathered at the HCC late Saturday as the draft constitution was officially presented to the president by the head of the constitution-drafting body, to demonstrate against the courts expected verdict on the two bodies, which could see both dissolved.

On 22 November, President Mohamed Morsi issued a controversial Constitutional Declaration making the two bodies immune to dissolution and protecting his decisions and declarations from judicial appeal.

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