High security at Egypt's presidential palace ahead of anti-Morsi protests

Ahmed Feteha, Monday 3 Dec 2012

In preparation for Tuesday's mass demonstrations against President Morsi's controversial Constitutional Declaration and the passing of the draft constitution, security forces station 15 trucks outside presidential palace

Egypt's security forces have increased their presence around the presidential palace in the Cairo district of Heliopolis ahead of Tuesday's mass rallies against President Mohamed Morsi's recent Constitutional Declaration and the passing of the draft constitution.

Around 15 Central Security Forces trucks have been stationed at the palace in addition to four armoured vehicles.

The "Revolution Salvation Front" a coalition of 18 opposition forces are set to march on the presidential palace on Tuesday to pressure the president to rescind his controversial declaration and his decision to put the draft national charter to national referendum on 15 December.

The opposition forces, which have been staging an open-ended sit-in on Tahrir Square for the past ten days, have denounced the constitution as illegitimate because it was drafted by an "unrepresentative" Constituent Assembly following mass walk outs by liberal, leftist and church members of the constitution-drafting body.

The Revolution Salvation Front is also critical of the Constitutional Declaration saying it was an "undemocratic" move by Morsi to significantly increase the ruling powers of the president.

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