Coptic FJP leader and presidential advisor quits political life

Zeinab El Gundy , Thursday 6 Dec 2012

Rafik Habib, deputy chairman of Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), announces intention to withdraw from political life

Coptic FJP
Dr. Rafiq Habib, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Former Vice President (Photo: Ahram Arabic News Website)

Coptic political researcher Rafik Habib announced early Thursday on his Facebook page that he planned to withdraw from political life, resigning his position as presidential advisor and deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party after clashes Wednesday night outside the presidential palace in Cairo.

"I decided to give up my political role for the time being, as well as in the future, including my role in the presidency and the Freedom and Justice Party," Habib stated on Facebook before posting a series of comments about the current political polarisation in Egypt and the role of regional and international powers in the ongoing struggle.

"I will return to my work as a political researcher and analyst," he said.

Habib, a Coptic-Christian, was known for his close relations with the Muslim Brotherhood for years before Egypt's January 25 Revolution.

Habib is one of several presidential advisors to have resigned since clashes broke out Wednesday night.

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