Egypt: Final school and university exams could be postponed

Mohamed Habib, Sunday 20 Feb 2011

As schools and universities are yet to return from their mid-term breaks, final exams could suffer the same affect of the revolution

Photo: Reuters

Minister of Higher Education Hani Hilal has told Ahram Online that the possibility of postponing the academic year's final exams is currently being studied.

Hilal assumed responsibility for the ministry of education after the former minister, Ahmed Zaki Badr, was sacked without a new one being appointed.

Schools and universities have so far been postponed for two weeks since the revolution erupted, with the possiblity of another delay not out of the question. The midterm recess was scheduled to end on 12 February.

Additional weeks equal to the weeks missed will be added to the academic year, if Hilal takes the final decision.

Protests were held today demanding exams be postponed and thus making it more likely that the decision to do so will be taken.

Hilal said that international schools, however, might be permitted to go back to school next week even if there was a decision to posptone schools and universities for another week.

Hilal intends to announce the minstry's final decision this week.

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