Egyptian airspace closed for two hours Sunday for aerial maneuvers

Ahram Online , Sunday 9 Dec 2012

Skies over Cairo are briefly closed to commercial traffic on Sunday while Egyptian air force, air-defence forces conduct two-hour joint exercise

Authorities at Cairo International Airport closed Egyptian airspace for two hours midday on Sunday at the request of the Egyptian Air Force, which conducted military exercises in coordination with the country's air-defence forces.

Airport authorities informed airline companies in advance about the scheduled airspace closure, which lasted from 12pm to 2pm on Sunday afternoon.

Following the exercises, Egyptian airspace was reopened again to commercial and civilian flights, after which air traffic to and from Cairo airport returned to normal.

Egyptian citizens on Sunday reported low-flying jets in several different areas across greater Cairo, which in several cases broke the sound barrier. 

According to Egyptian Armed Forces spokesman Ahmed Ali, Sunday's military exercises were attended by Defence Minister Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi. 

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