Presidential consultant attacks NSF

Ahram Online, Friday 14 Dec 2012

Khaled Alam El-Din states on Al-Jazeera Network everyone should oblige to referendum results and calls the opposition-led National Salvation Front the 'drowning committee'

Presidential Consultant Khaled Alam El-Din refused on Friday the National Salvation Front (NSF) stance on Friday's press conference, stating that the front is "opportunistic" since they want to form a committee "based on their preference even if they reach no consensus upon it."

Alam El-Din in a telephone interview with Al-Jazeera Network stated, "The best name for this front is Egypt's drowning committee. If the front is sure that people will say 'no' in the constitutional referendum as it claims, then why is the front holding all these conferences?"

He also stated that whatever the referendum result turned out to be, all political forces should accept them.

Earlier on Friday, the NSF coalition of opposition parties and figures stressed its stance against the new constitution.

The front called on people to say 'no' in Saturday's referendum, as a way of rejecting the "illegitimate" constitution and in spite of no guarantee of proper monitoring.

Half the country (10 governorates) will vote on the constitution on 15 December, the second half (17 governorates) a week later on 22 December.

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