Assiut activists urge citizens to vote 'no'

Ahram Online, Friday 14 Dec 2012

Opposition activists outside Cairo continue campaigning against the proposed constitution

Political forces in the Upper Egyptian city of Assiut organised events on Friday evening to urge the public to vote "no" in the constitutional referendum on Saturday.

Ahmed Khanfar, founding member in the Constitution Party in Assiut, told Al-Ahram Arabic-language news site that Friday's campaign was one of their ongoing attempts to "raise awareness about the dangers of this constitution if it passes."

The influential April 6th Youth Movement also took part, with cars moving through the city streets equipped with loudspeakers urging citizens to vote "no." They distributed flyers and also sprayed graffiti on the walls: "Your constitution does not represent us."

Screens with projectors were set up, where activists showed  short video clips to the public about the abuses of the government and the dangers of the constitution.

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