Egyptian expatriate voting draws to close

Ahram Online, Monday 17 Dec 2012

Egyptians voting abroad in the constitutional referendum will close Monday evening, early turnout figures show 180,000 of 587,000 eligible voters worldwide cast their ballot

Passports and paper with candidates names during the 2011 parliamentary elections (Photo: Reuters)

Voting for Egyptian expatriates in the constitutional referendum is expected to draw to a close Monday, 8 pm local time.

128 embassies and 11 consulates across the world hosted the polls, which opened on Wednesday and was supposed to close Saturday. The voting was extended by two days by the Supreme Electoral Commission (SEC).

Just under a third participated in the polls: out of 587,000 eligible expatriate voters, 180,000 had vast their vote by late Saturday. Voters could send their ballot papers via mail or visit the embassy in person.

Kuwait, so far, witnessed the highest turnout with approximately 40,000 votes cast, followed by Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh which saw 33,000 people vote, Saudi coastal city Jeddah which saw 32,000 people vote and finally Qatar's capital Doha which registered 14,000 votes.  

Counting, which is being supervised by the foreign ministry and the SEC, will begin immediately after the embassies close the voting process and will continue until the 20 December.

The results of the expatriate polls will be announced following the second phase of the referendum in Egypt on 22 December.

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