NCW condemns investigations against high school student for protesting

Ahram Online, Thursday 20 Dec 2012

National Council for Women comes to defence of female high school student subject to questioning for protesting against the constitutional referendum

Rana El-Sayed
Rana El-Sayed, 17, faces questioning over her involvement in peaceful protest against the constitutional referendum (Photo: Facebook)

The National Council for Women (NCW), a state body, condemned Thursday investigations carried out by the Ministry of Education against Rana El-Sayed, a high school student, for taking part in protests against the constitutional referendum early this week.

A picture of El-Sayed, 17, carrying the girl brandishing a 'No to the constitution' badge while wearing her school uniform went viral on social media sites. She was also pictured chanting against the referendum while lifted up by other protesters in a protest last week.

El-Sayed had joined a peaceful march from Ramsis Square to Tahrir Square in Cairo, Sunday — following the first stage of the constitutional referendum that took place Saturday, 15 December — against the referendum and the alleged vote rigging that took place.  

On Monday, she was called in for questioning by her high school principal and members of the education ministry.

Head of the NCW, Ambassador Mervat El-Tellawy, underlined Thursday the right of all citizens to take part in peaceful protests, and called for El-Sayed to be assigned a lawyer.

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