'Constitution will not be amended for two years': Strong Egypt Party spokesman

Ahram Online , Thursday 20 Dec 2012

Strong Egypt Party spokesperson says government officials at national dialogue meeting have produced document stating disputed articles of draft constitution will not be altered for at least two years

If Egypt's draft constitution is passed by a national referendum it will not be amended for at least two years, Mohamed El-Mohandes, spokesperson of the Strong Egypt Party, said via his official Facebook page on Thursday.

He made the claim based on comments made by government officials at the national dialogue meeting called to discuss the opposition's objections to the draft constitution.

El-Mohandes added that members of his party were not invited to the fourth dialogue meeting because they discovered that the proposed 'obligatory document', which specifies what was agreed at the meeting, states the disputed articles in the constitution cannot be changed for two years.

"Why was the party not invited to the national dialogue's fourth session? Is it because we refused to appoint party members to the Shura Council, the existence of which we object to? Or was it because we revealed the 'obligatory document' to amend the constitution would be only come into effect after two years.

El-Mohandes added that his party had called for a new law governing the election of the Constituent Assembly in case the draft constitution is rejected, but the presidency had ignored the demand.

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