Tens of lawyers support Morsi-appointed prosecutor general

Ahram Online, Sunday 23 Dec 2012

Several lawyers gathered at Egypt's High Court to back the prosecutor-general, who was recently appointed by President Morsi

Lawyers gather at Egypt's high court in support of the public prosecutor (Photo: Ahram Online)

Tens of lawyers gathered at the Cairo High Court to voice their support for prosecutor-general Talaat Abdullah on Sunday.

"We are here to express our support for the prosecutor-general after he was pressured by the prosecutors to resign," lawyer Mohamed Maarouf told Ahram Online.

Protesters held a sign "x'ing" out a photo of the head of the Judges' Club, Ahmed El-Zend, known for his loud criticism of the Muslim Brotherhood and his vehement opposition of the appointment of Abdullah.

President Morsi had exercised a right he allotted himself via a unilateral decree to appoint a new prosecutor-general, which was a move to get rid of then-prosecutor-general Abdel Meguid.

After Morsi's switcheroo, hundreds of prosecutors and judges demanded Abdullah resign. Succumbing to the pressure Abdullah resigned only to withdraw his resignation three days later.

The supporters at the High Court also chanted "Congratulations Constituent Assembly," in reference to the approval of Egypt's post-revolution constitution, which was mostly chartered and supported by Islamists.

Unofficial results of the referendum that wrapped up on Saturday on a draft constitution suggest that the constitution has been passed with 64 per cent voting 'Yes'.

On the other side of the court a few passersby have gathered to chant against the Brotherhood, separated from supporters by a small number of central security forces.

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