Disqualified Islamist presidential candidate Abu Ismail to launch his party soon

Ahram Online , Tuesday 25 Dec 2012

Hazem Salah Abu Ismail's party is said will attract members - even leading figures - from Al Nour Salafist Party

Abu Ismail
Egyptian Muslim cleric and candidate for the Egyptian presidency Hazem Salah Abu Ismail (Photo: Reuters)

The official Facebook page of Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, the controversial Islamist preacher and former presidential candidate, announces that Abu Ismail started a set of meetings in several governorates to finalise steps to officially establish his political party.

The page also reveals that the party will soon declare its name, adding that it won't be what was rumoured and that they will announce it to the media. The page is also hinting that the new party will run in the upcoming parliamentary elections. News reports also reveal that Abu Ismail’s party will issue a newspaper and launch a TV channel in the early months of 2013.

Hazem Salah Abu Ismail’s new party will be the latest major Salafist Party to be declared in Egypt after the Salafist Call's Al Nour Party and the Salafist Front’s People Party.

Abu Ismail’s new party is expected by many observers to attract many Salafists from the main base, leaders and supporters of Al Nour Party, as well as from other Salafist and Salafist-leaning parties.

Ayman Elias, the member of Hazem Abu Ismail’s campaign’s media committee, already claimed to Al Masry Al Youm newspaper on Monday that Abu Ismail's new party will "bring down Al Nour Salafist party."

“Our party will not divide Al Nour Party because it is already divided and already a number of leading figures decided to join our party“ Elias revealed, adding that Emad Abdel Ghafur, Al Nour Party leader, will resign to join Abu Ismail in his new party.

The news of Abdel Ghafur joining Abu Ismail in his new party coincides with party sources that confirm Tuesday the party’s leader resigned. Nader Bakkar, the official spokesperson tells Ahram Online there is no official statement about the resignation and that the high committee of Al Nour Party will meet on Tuesday night to discuss the matter.

In the same context Al Masryoon Islamist news website writes that Abu Ismal’s party will lead an electoral coalition in the upcoming parliamentary elections with the Salafist Front.

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