Salvation Front will continue fight against constitution: Spokesperson

Ahram Online , Wednesday 26 Dec 2012

National Salvation Front's official spokesperson plans to discuss the possibility of running in parliamentary elections as one electoral list

National Salvation Front
Screen shot of National Salvation Front leaders, Hamdeen Sabbahi, Mohamed ElBaradei and Amr Moussa at press conference

Hussein Abdel-Ghani, the official spokesperson of National Salvation Front (NSF) stated on Wednesday in exclusive statements to Al-Ahram Arabic news website that the NSF would continue its fight against the constitution “drafted by the Muslim Brotherhood” to either reduce or amend the national charter.


“The fight against the constitution will continue through all the democratic mechanisms, whether through protests, sit-ins and parliamentary elections,” Abdel said, adding that these approaches would work in parallel until Egypt writes a constitution that represents all Egyptians.


The official spokesperson also revealed that the front plans to hold a meeting on Wednesday night to discuss the possibility of running in the parliamentary elections under one electoral list.


Abdel-Ghani added that the NSF also plans to form a committee to coordinate between different parties in order to ensure that the front gets the majority of votes in the upcoming elections.


Opposition groups have argued that the constitution lacks national consensus, describing the charter as "unrepresentative."


Drafted by an Islamist-led Constituent Assembly that saw walkouts by church representatives, liberals, leftists and others, the constitution was upheld on late Wednesday after a referendum that saw 32 per cent of voter turnout.

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