CORRECTED: Salafist Nour party calls for political truce to end Egypt's economic crisis

Ahram Online, Thursday 27 Dec 2012

Salafist Nour Party spokesman Nader Bakkar assures no intention to harm tourism, calls for political agreement to reactivate economy

Nader Bakkar
Nader Bakkar, official spokesman of salafist Nour Party (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Nader Bakkar, the official spokesperson for the Salafist Nour Party, announced during a national dialogue with the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers on Wednesday evening an initiative to bring Egypt out of its economic crisis.

Bakkar explained that the Nour Party is calling for an initiative to "endorse a political truce for a specific period, which could be a year, during which the government, presidency and various political forces can execute an agreed upon legislative and economic agenda for an economic renaissance."

He also pointed out that this step will be sufficient enough to reactivate the economy and to resolve the tourism crisis in the current period.

Salafist Nour Party spokesman further refuted his party has any will to close down beach tourism adding it is an essential part of tourism in Egypt.

Bakkar made it clear that it is not possible for an official to close a crucial and ongoing activity like tourism, affirming that a balance may be struck between the party's principles and the country’s economic requirements.

"Throughout its presence in parliament, which lasted over a year, the party has not taken any decision that has caused damage to the country’s tourism sector" stressed Bakkar.

A number of party representatives, the minister of tourism, and the head of the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers attended Wednesday’s meeting.

Last week, Elhamy El-Zayat, head of Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers, told Ahram’s Arabic-language news website that since the 5 December clashes between opponents and supporters of President Mohamed Morsi at the presidential palace, Egypt has been losing 250 million dollars on a weekly basis.

He also expressed concern at the low tourist figures seen in Egypt this Christmas holiday.

*This article has been amended to correct statements by Nour Party spokesperson Nader Bakkar. Ahram Online appologises for the previous misquotation.
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