Two Egyptians confirmed dead and eyewitnesses say ten shot at border

Ahram Online , Tuesday 22 Feb 2011

Egyptians are squeezed in the midst of Gaddafi's crackdown on protesters: Egyptians die and aid workers not permitted to cross border

Egypt’s foreign ministry declared on Monday that two Egyptians working in Libya, Metwally Baziny and Ayman Abdelrazeq, have been confirmed dead.

Furthermore, Seif Abdel Latif, an Egyptian physician and member of the Egyptian aid convoy to Libya, was informed by Egyptians coming from Libya about another 10 Egyptians who were killed by foreign thugs.

Abdel Latif and other members of the aid convoy were prevented from crossing in Salloum, however, the vehicles carrying the goods were permitted to cross.

Foreigners in Libya are under more pressure after the Libyan President’s son, Seif El-Din El-Gaddafi, accused “certain Arab countries” of supporting the Libya uprising.

More than 200 Tunisians have already fled from Libya and although thousands of Egyptians work in Libya, no actual figure is stated to identify the number of Egyptians that departed.

Ambassador Mohamed Abdelhakam, deputy foreign minister and head of immigration affairs, has confirmed the return of 4000 Egyptians via the land route, and Egypt Air has announced that 260 Egyptians arrived from Libya on Monday.

Abdelhakam assured that Egypt Air’s trips, as well as bus trips to Libya will increase to guarantee available transportation to Egyptians who wish to return.

Gaddafi’s regime has unleashed the bloodiest crackdown of any Arab country against the wave of protests sweeping the region. Similar protests have toppled the leaders of Egypt and Tunisia.

More than 200 have been killed in Libya, according to medical officials, human rights groups and exiled dissidents.

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