ElBaradei calls for opposition alliance in Egypt's parliamentary elections

Ahram Online, Sunday 6 Jan 2013

Constitution Party founder Mohamed ElBaradei outlines plan to unite with revolutionary forces to win majority of seats in upcoming parliamentary polls

Founder of Constitution Party Mohamed ElBaradei (Photo: AP)

Reform campaigner and founder of the Constitution Party Mohamed ElBaradei announced in a Sunday press statement that his party is keen on allying with revolutionary and democratic forces in the coming parliamentary elections.

Elbaradei added that this coalition will campaign to win the largest number of seats in the coming parliament in order to "be in command of pressure tools that will help create a better future for Egypt."

Egypt's second post-revolution parliamentary elections are expected to be held 60 days after the approval of the new constitution on 25 December, 2012. A date has yet to be officially set.

In 2011, Islamists parties dominated the elections, gaining around 60 per cent of seats in parliament.

ElBaradei however did not name any parties or forces in which the Constitution Party intends to ally with.

"Egypt is currently going through a tough phase in its history, that requires us all to work together to fulfill the demands of the revolution," said Elbaradei, who asserted that the coming parliamentary represents an important step.

Elbaradei further added that the current phase demands unity in order to save Egypt from the current critical phase.

Last November ElBaradei along with several opposition figures such as Nasserist Hamdeen Sabbahi and former secretary-general of the Arab league Amr Moussa formed a National Salvation Front in an attempt to counter the president's controversial constitutional decree that was issued on 22 November.

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