Foreign affairs minister idle as Egyptians die in Libya

Ahram Portal, Wednesday 23 Feb 2011

An Egyptian minority political party frustrated with Egyptian foreign affairs minister’s useless actions call for protests.

The Democratic Front Party, a minority political party in Egypt, voices their frustration over the idleness of Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheyt.

The party calls upon its members to protest in front of the Libyan Embassy in Cairo to demand the protection of Egyptians that are caught up in Libya’s turmoil. There are ongoing protests there over Libya’s violence towards its people.

Pointedly, the party condemns the Aboul Gheyt for his idle and inconclusive reaction towards the ongoing massacres committed by the Libyan regime against Egyptians, Tunisians and Turks working in Libya.

The Party implores the international community to interfere to protect innocent civilians and to protest in front of Libyan embassies.

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