Anti-Brotherhood marches called for 2nd revolution anniversary

Yasmine Wali, Sunday 20 Jan 2013

Sixteen political forces to march against 'Brotherhoodisation' of Egyptian state on second anniversary of Egypt's January 2011 uprising

Egyptians march during a demonstration toward Tahrir Square marking the first anniversary of the popular uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, Egypt, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012. (Photo: AP)

Protests to mark the second anniversary of the January 25 Revolution on Friday will be called "No to the Brotherhood state; the revolution continues."

During a press conference at the Journalists Syndicate on Sunday, sixteen political forces said they would continue their battle for bread, dignity, social justice and freedom, and combat the "Brotherhoodisation" of the state.

Ramy Sabry of Popular Socialist Alliance Party said, "In every governorate protesters will go to the governor's office and announce their rejection of the Brotherhood's authority."

"Protesters will meet at four main meeting points in Cairo and all will then march to Tahrir Square."

People will meet after Friday prayer in Shubra to call for "justice," in Imbaba to oppose "price inflation prices and despotism," in Ramses to call for "a state of law," and in Maadi to reject the "Brotherhoodisation of the state."

"The revolutionary road is the only route we have. We cannot depend on the upcoming election because the Brotherhood government is controlling it and it will be a political game," the protest organisers said.

Among the political forces that called for the protests are the Constitution Party, Popular Current, Socialist Popular Alliance, Kefaya, April 6 (the Democratic Front), Free Egyptians Party, Maspero Youth Coalition, and Nasserist Karama Party.

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