Twitter: journalists X’d from reporting on fire at interior ministry building, Egypt

Wednesday 23 Feb 2011

Blaze at Egyptian interior ministry building allegedly set by bitter policemen. Journalists’ Tweets indicate authorities mute them from reporting

A roaring fire in the human resources section of the interior ministry building in Egypt as well as 10 fire trucks and army vehicles, 3 police vehicles and 14-20 ambulances somehow entangled in its chaos 3 people’s lives.

The deaths cannot be confirmed because, according to Tweets by journalists, authorities are telling witnesses not to speak to them nor allowing them to take pictures.

One hundred policemen protested this morning at the site and are allegedly responsible for starting the fire.

Policemen had been protesting and pressuring the interior ministry for several days to have human resources review which of the police had a clean record so they can return to work. It is rumoured that they set it on fire to burn any archives proving any corruption.

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