Egypt’s Morsi says will ‘bring criminals to justice’

Ahram Online, Saturday 26 Jan 2013

Egypt President Mohamed Morsi vows to punish the culprits after clashes leave at least seven dead on Friday

Mohamed Morsi
Egypt president Mohamed Morsi (photo: Reuters)

Egypt President Mohamed Morsi pledged to capture rioters after nationwide clashes left at least seven dead on Friday, which marked the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution.

In a brief message posted on social networking websites, Facebook and Twitter, Morsi vowed to restore order in a country that is deeply divided and suffering political turmoil.

“I’m offering my condolences to all Egyptians, the martyrs in Suez and the policemen who were the victims of ugly violence,” he said on his Twitter account and Facebook page.

“Egypt's [security] apparatuses will chase the criminals and bring them to justice. They are also doing their best to protect and secure the peaceful demonstrations.”

Clashes erupted in several governorates between opponents of Morsi and riot police, which left at least seven dead in Suez and more than 400 injured.

Protesters are angry over what they perceive as Morsi’s failure to deliver on his promises during his first six months in office amid deep economic and political problems.

“I call on all citizens to hold onto the noble principles of the Egyptian revolution to peacefully and freely express their views. I also call on them to reject any violence,” he added.

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