Egypt police fires teargas at Shura Council protesters

Bel Trew, Saturday 26 Jan 2013

Opposition march heading from Tahrir to Shura Council to protest recent killings of protesters obstructed by teargas; volunteer motor-bikers carry tens of injured to hospitals

Shura march 2
Egypt police fires teargas in Qasr El-Aini Street (Photo: Lina Wardani)

Hundreds of protesters marching on the Shura Council in downtown Cairo have been blocked by Central Security Forces (CSF) in Qasr El-Aini Street off Tahrir Square.

Security forces have used teargas to disperse protesters, Ahram Online reporters on the scene said. 

"As we were walking down Qasr El-Aini street towards the Upper House of Parliament, about 150 metres from the Shura, the police attacked with gas, Mohamed Desouqi, manager and martial arts trainer told Ahram Online.

"As far as I know, the police never hit protesters with truncheons, as we never were able to get close enough to them. I didn't see it."

Several political parties and groups had called for the demonstration to take place Saturday at 3pm to protest Friday's killings of protesters at the hands of security forces in a number of cities around the country, and in order to push for the goals of the January 25 Revolution.

Ahram Online Arabic news website reported that tens of protesters have suffered from gas inhalation and motorcycles have ferried the injured to nearby hospitals.

"We came up with the idea to form a peaceful march to the Shura Council, as this is the only representation we have of our parliament at the moment, and the whole system has let us down. We wanted to go to the building and refuse the constitution and to demand they fulfill the goals of the revolution, added.

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