Media reports contradict official death and injury figures in Egypt clashes

Ahram Online, Monday 28 Jan 2013

Egypt's health ministry releases their official death and injury figures in nationwide clashes, which are lower than earlier media reports

The latest official report on deaths and injuries from intense fighting between civilians and government security forces as announced by Health Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Omar is lower than previous media reports.

On Monday, the spokesman announces that five have been killed in Port Said and injuries across Egypt have reached 582.

The figures reported in media on Sunday, however, claim seven were killed and more than 600 injured.

Monday's official statement details that only 81 of the 582 injured are still receiving medical treatment, while the rest were discharged from the hospital.

The Port Said governor points out that 520 of those alone are from Port Said - adding to the voices protesting that Port Said is experiencing "a disproportionately brutal crackdown by the state."

Protesters in other governorates are also currently clashing with security forces.

Forty-nine protesters were injured in Cairo, 10 in Daqahliyah and three in Sharqiya governorates, according to Monday's official statement.

In a volatile weekend; first clashes erupted amid protests on the second anniversary of Egypt's revolution on Friday.

Separately, on Saturday a court sentenced 21 people to death for their involvement in the Port Said stadium case.

Roughly 74 were killed during an Ahly v Masry match in Port Said stadium. Angered by the verdict, Port Said protesters and family members of the defendants tried to storm the jail and from there deadly clashes spiraled out of control with security forces.

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