Thousands of demonstrators block Alexandria roads, railways

Yasmine Fathy, Alexandria, Monday 28 Jan 2013

Alexandrian protesters block Sidi Gaber train station and Abu-Qir road, chanting against President Morsi; Brotherhood denounces 'thugs' who attack state institutions

Protesters occupy Sidi Gaber train station in Alexandria on Monday (Photo: Yasmine Fathy)

Thousands of protesters converging from the Qaed Ibrahim mosque and Victoria Square on the Sidi Gaber district in central Alexandria have blocked off Abu-Qir boulevard with rubbish bins and bonfires.

Other groups of protesters are sitting on two of the main tracks of Sidi Gaber train station and obstructing them using iron rods, wooden sticks and a broken desk.

The sound of explosions was heard inside the train station and demonstrators were seen running out in panic, says Ahram Online's Yasmine Fathy, who was unable to identify the source of the noise. 

"Down, down, with the rule of the [Muslim Brotherhood's] supreme guide! Down, down with Morsi! Leave, we are poor people," were among the chants of demonstrators during their march.

Protesters had earlier cut off roads, and obstructed tram lines in Al-Raml district in downtown Alexandria, as well as in the Azaretah district, stating they wanted to remind officials of those who had lost their lives in the revolution.

"The message we want to send is that Morsi has ruined the country and it is time for him to go."

"We decided to cut off the trains because people are going through their lives as if nothing happened and maybe if we stop them they will feel our pain," said protester Ramy Mahmoud.

Alexandrian Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Anas El-Qady gave a press statement earlier on Sunday attacking the Egyptian media, saying that they have exaggerated the events in Alexandria, giving legitimacy to "thugs."

"The events of Alexandria that  have taken place throughout the last week, including storming the criminal court, setting police cars on fire, storming the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters, blocking roads and railroads, and using Molotov cocktails and rocks are all acts of thuggery and should be shunned by the media," El-Qady said.

The Brotherhood spokesperson said that peaceful means of protests are a right, but that attacks against state institutions are "thuggery."

Large demonstrations took place on Friday in Alexandria as in many other Egyptian cities, marking the second anniversary of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Protests have been ongoing in the coastal city over the past weekend.

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