Kafr El Sheikh sees more deaths, injuries as Egypt-wide clashes continue

Ahram Online, Tuesday 29 Jan 2013

A summary of clashes in Egypt; with new estimates in Kafr El Sheikh governorate citing up to 112 civilians, 2 police and 18 soldiers

Injuries in Kafr El Sheikh governorate increased to 112 civilians, two police officers and 18 soldiers.

Clashes erupted between protesters and central security forces Monday evening on the commemoration of the 28 January 2011 "Friday of Rage."

More than 10 thousand protested in Kafr El Sheikh's central square. After security tear gassed the demonstrations, 34 suffered from severe suffocation, according to an Al Ahram Arabic news site reporter.The injured were sent to Al Obour and Kafr El Sheikh hospitals.

In Mansura, the capital of the central Delta Daqahliyah governorate protesters threw Molotov cocktails at the old directorate, but security forces dispersed protesters with tear gas.

Although protests where peaceful in Mansura, the El Shohadaa (Marty'rs) Square saw attacks, retreats and new attacks between security forces and civilians.

Eyewitnesses confirmed to Al Ahram Arabic news site that the Freedom and Justice Party Mansura premises on Suez Canal Street was shot at by unknown gunmen who managed to escape security forces.

In Tanta in the Gharbiya governorate, tens of political forces gathered in front of Tanta's court complex where three activists were apprehended by revolutionary forces, Ultras hardcore Zamalek football fans and the Popular Current, an opposition group.

El-Minya in Upper Egypt also witnessed protests against President Morsi near the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party premises.

In Zagazig in Sharqiya governorate, the prosecutor-general arrested four Black Bloc youth for burning and vandalising public property, resisting authorities and rioting.

Large demonstrations have been ongoing in major Egyptian cities since Friday, which marks the second anniv0ersary of Egypt's January 25 Revolution. Violence has left at least 50 dead in different governorates.

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