Four arrested on suspicion of Black Bloc 'membership' Wednesday

Ahram Online , Wednesday 30 Jan 2013

Four are arrested in downtown Cairo, near the High Court, on suspicion of belonging to the Black Bloc anarchist group

Four suspected members of the Black Bloc group have been arrested near the High Court in downtown Cairo Wednesday evening.

A Facebook page claiming to be aligned to the Black Bloc group has called on protesters to join Black Bloc members in front of the office of the general prosecutor in defiance of his order to arrest the group’s members.

On Tuesday, General Prosecutor Talaat Abdullah issued an order to arrest suspected members of the Black Bloc group, accusing them of being a terrorist group.

On Wednesday, Abdullah stated that members of the group would be arrested only if caught red handed in acts against the law.

Activists online have warned that arbitrary arrests are taking place in the area surrounding the High Court where the general prosecutor's office is.

In a parallel development, another claimed Black Bloc social media account (@bbbegypt) published the following tweet: “Black Bloc never calls its members to protest anywhere. All the calls for Black Bloc members to protest is a trap to hunt you. Do not, do not answer any call for protesting.”

The same account also denied that those arrested were members of the Black Bloc, claiming instead they were regular protesters.

Several Facebook and Twitter accounts claim to represent the enigmatic group.

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